Risky Drinking Leads to Broken Bones, Hearts and Homes

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This time of year, heavy alcohol consumption plays a large role in what many commonly associate with “holiday cheer.”

For others, the holidays represent stress, anxiety, loneliness and despair; and alcohol serves as a crutch.

“The truth is, many people drink beyond what is safe without even realizing it, and fail to make a connection between their risky drinking behaviors and the negative consequences that spill into other aspects of their life,”

According to Michael Davis, president of IMPACT, a non-profit organization that provides free assessment, consultation and referral services for people concerned about themselves or a loved one.

Men should avoid drinking more than four drinks per day, and limit themselves to 14 drinks over the course of a week.

For women, three drinks a day is the maximum, not to exceed seven drinks per week. For some people, it is not safe to drink any alcohol. But – for healthy adults – exceeding these guidelines can cause a multitude of health and social problems. Risky drinkers are more likely to land in the hospital, encounter financial and legal problems, and experience personal crises such as unemployment or divorce.

Binge drinking, specifically, is associated with an increased risk of motor vehicle crash, assault, unintended pregnancy and death.

“The issue of drinking and driving does receive a lot of attention, particularly this time of year,” Davis points out. “But letting a designated driver take the wheel only guards you against one risk.”

To learn more about safe drinking levels or to access helpful resources, call IMPACT at (414)256-4808, or simply dial 2-1-1.

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