Ruby Jackson

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Ruby Jackson couldn’t have come up with a more appropriate name for her beauty salon—Trendsetter—because she is, indeed, a trendsetter.

Jackson is the first to admit that she has lived a charmed life, but it didn’t start out that way. Born in Memphis, Tennessee, her mother died when she was only two years old, so during her first few years she was raised by various family members. Jackson believes that throughout her life angels have ministered to her, provided for her, encouraged her; giving her what she needed for various seasons of her life. That’s one reason why it is so important for her to pour blessings into the lives of others; to pay it forward.

At 12 years of age, Jackson moved to Chicago, graduated high school and attended Chicago State University. She later received a scholarship to Lydia Adams Beauty College on Chicago’s Southside. After receiving her cosmetology license, she went on to advanced training in Evanston, IL at Pivoit Point International Beauty College. After that she went to work for Opal’s House of Charm and Modeling School, in Chicago. There she learned how to produce, model and commentate fashion shows and she earned the nickname, “Miss Trendsetter.” Jackson later met and married Willie R. Paschal Jackson and moved to Milwaukee with her husband.

After attending Milwaukee Area Technical College for more advanced training in cosmetology and receiving her manager’s license, Jackson worked for Glemby International, located within Boston Store. After a while she asked to open and manage the Glemby Salon in Northridge when the shopping center opened on Milwaukee’s northwest side.

Jackson said working for Glemby was one of the most exciting times in her life because the company stressed professional training and growth and they took a holistic approach to training their manager’s by exposing them to art, culture and etiquette. During this time she traveled the country training operators, while Glemby chauffeured her around in limousines, enlightening her with expensive dining experiences, museums, and the arts.

After awhile, her husband suggested that since she worked so hard for others, she should consider opening her own salon. Jackson took her husband’s advice and opened Trendsetters on Capitol Drive, serving many of Milwaukee’s high profile clients as well as Black students who came as far away as Whitewater, Green Bay and Stevens Point, to get their hair done. Jackson later opened another Trendsetter Salon on 47th Lisbon. At the height of her career, she hired more than 20 of the top hair stylists and nail technicians in the city.

Jackson also found time to serve on national, state and local cosmetology examining boards, conducted training for hair stylists in her salon, opened a boutique within the salon and frequently coordinated hair and style shows, all while running her business, assisting her husband with his catering business and helping raise her grandchildren.

Throughout her career Jackson has served on various boards including the Capitol/Atkinson/Teutonia Community Association, Gamma Phi Delta, Black Women’s Network and Wisconsin African American Women. She has also received many awards and honors, including first place champion, State of Wisconsin Hair Fashion Committee. She sees herself as a community servant who likes to spotlight and promote the community’s unsung heroes. But, above all, she is most proud of her children and grandchildren, who are the love of her life.

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