Running With Lions (Mentoring Leaders for the Millennial Generation)

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Michael L. Patterson is convinced there are men and women who walk into worship services across this nation listening for the clear call of surrender to the cross, who are willing to make themselves useful to the Master.

Running With Lions chronicles the journey of a young Michael Patterson as a Christian in a Timothy relationship learning how to minister to others, and grow and develop into a minister who has taken the role of Paul in training other men to become effective leaders in the Lord’s church. Michael knows he’s not perfect, however he strives to imitate Paul in becoming an “expert builder.” Michael Patterson is a man who answered the call to preach the Word of God in season and out of season. For almost thirty years now, this enlightening book shares his adventure, seeking to further build God’s kingdom. Leading and serving God’s people has been both exhilarating and humbling for Michael, and a role he has grown to cherish. He is convinced there is a sea of people like he was in his early years? Michael Patterson prays for his book to show the necessity of training and maturing leaders who will become trainers themselves. MCJ had an brief talk with this powerhouse minister.

MCJ: What made you write this book? 

MP:A decade ago, God placed on my heart the passion to develop and train leaders. Using II Tim 2:2 as a reference point, I wrote Running With Lions as a practical way young men and women can be influenced to help achieve God’s purpose for their lives. To buy the book (Click Here

MCJ: Where can people reach you for speaking engagements?

MP: I enjoy sharing my thoughts with various groups who share a passion for leadership development. I presently speak around the nation and internationally. For booking simply use the following email.

MCJ: What is your future plans?

MP: My future plans include writing more books, lecturing for churches that need help connecting the dots of leadership and people passionate for God, and more missionary works, including the Caribbean islands.

Michael L. Patterson presently helps lead a very vibrant ministry called the Greater Atlanta Church of Christ. For more information www.TheGacc.Org










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