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Alderman Ashanti Hamilton

Alderman Ashanti Hamilton was first elected to the Milwaukee Common Council in 2004 and currently serves as chair of the Judiciary and Legislation Committee.

Most recently, Alderman Hamilton has led the way on the Council by tackling some of the city’s most prominent issues.

His MORE Ordinance is legislation designed to help underemployed and unemployed workers in the city moved beyond the Emerging Business Enterprise and Residency Preference items already in place. Hamilton’s work demands more of developers and builders who are using city funds and incentives, ensuring that work done in Milwaukee is done primarily by Milwaukeeans. His efforts enhance the meaning of development—he’s helping develop bricks and mortar as well as families and communities.

Recognizing the crisis in young black men’s education situation, Hamilton again stepped out of the crowd to launch a sweeping educational program called Be the Change. In this, the program’s first year, more than 70 students moved from the intensive 5 week summer program into their year long mentoring process in Milwaukee Public Schools. Rather than chastising MPS as a failing program, Hamilton partnered with Superintendent Thornton, local community leaders and experienced black men in our community who have been working on theses issues piece by piece. He rallied all involved and provided a curriculum, a program and a mouthpiece for the success it’s bringing black youth.

He has impacted development and work, youth and education and through the Milwaukee Promise, has reinvented how we measure the effectiveness of our ever-decreasing Community Block Grant Development dollars. His initiative seeks to find gaps in service, reward success and help partner programs with the dollars the City of Milwaukee has already received. Doing More with Less … and really doing, is part of what Alderman Hamilton brings to Milwaukee government.

Alderman Hamilton has been recognized and honored by the Milwaukee Fatherhood Initiative for being a strong supporter of the positive change this group provides and Alderman Hamilton’s voice has been loud and clear when leading Common Council initiatives to lobby the state on essential Milwaukee issues like collective bargaining, conceal and carry laws and residency rules.

Hamilton has also served on the board of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District and currently serves the African American Male Unemployment Task Force, the Wisconsin Center Board and three Common Council committees: Judiciary and Legislation (which he chairs), Licenses and Steering and Rules. Alderman Hamilton also chairs the City Information Management Committee.

Most recently, you would have seen Alderman Hamilton at the groundbreaking of the Villard Avenue Library, one of the city’s most innovative solutions to our current cultural and economic needs. The mixed use facility pairs living opportunities for grandparents raising children with the always expanding, always essential services a library provides. Answering the call as the now library board president, Ashanti Hamilton has a history of solving community problems with collaboration and leadership.

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