Sandy Pasch Announces Participation in DMZ Community Garden Celebration

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Assistant Assembly Democratic Leader Sandy Pasch is pleased to announce that the DMZ Community Garden Group and the Borchert Field C.A.R.E.S Neighborhood Block Watch Committee held its 1st Annual Neighborhood Appreciation Celebration Saturday,  on the corner of 9th Street and Ring Street in Milwaukee.

While knocking on doors throughout the Borchert Field Neighborhood, I become aware of this DMZ Community Garden, which was created in the aftermath of a tragic shooting in this neighborhood less than a year ago,” said Rep. Pasch. “I look forward to participating in this wonderful event that will recognize the efforts of families and neighbors working to build a safer, healthier, and cleaner environment for their community.”

Event Coordinator Andre’ Lee Ellis sees this day as a way to bring recognition to the hard work many are doing to change the impressions and actions in the district. “By bringing our elected officials together to share with the district, it will give greater opportunity for all to see that we are making progress and we are all working together to show what happens when your action speaks louder than your words,” said Ellis.






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