Schools That Can Milwaukee adds two member schools

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Atonement Lutheran and Carmen High School of Science and Technology named Member schools by STC National

Schools That Can Milwaukee, Inc. (STCM), a nonprofit organization developing and expanding high-performing Milwaukee schools, is pleased to announce Atonement Lutheran and Carmen High School of Science and Technology as the newest validated Member schools.

Schools like Atonement and Carmen, along with other STCM Member schools, are leading the way in demonstrating that all schools can provide a high-quality education and all students, regardless of circumstance, can achieve academic excellence. During the 2011-2012 school year, STCM worked with 24 traditional MPS, charter and choice schools, training and supporting more than 80 school leaders and ensuring student achievement for more than 10,000 Milwaukee students.

STCM is at the helm of a movement to transform education in Milwaukee and ensure dramatic improvements in student achievement. Working to expand Milwaukee’s highest performing schools and develop its highest potential, Schools That Can Milwaukee’s vision is 20,000 students in high-quality Milwaukee schools by 2020. By generating a critical mass of high performing urban schools (20,000 students and approximately 50 schools), within communities where we typically see the most excuses for failure, Milwaukee will reach a tipping point for systemic change that will create an environment in which our community will cease to accept low-performing schools and student failure.

Atonement and Carmen exemplify the ‘no-excuses’ and ‘high expectations’ attitude that it takes to transform Milwaukee’s standard of urban education and provide high-quality education to Milwaukee students,” said Abby Andrietsch, Executive Director of Schools That Can Milwaukee. “They are an example of what it takes to go from high-potential to high-performing.”

The criteria for Member validation includes: (1) strong leadership; (2) student population that is non-selective and at least 60 percent or higher free or reduced-priced lunch; (3) 75 percent of students are advanced or proficient on the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Exam (WKCE) (ACT indicators used for high schools); (4) an average daily attendance of at least 93 percent; (5) a no excuses culture committed to high expectations for ALL students; and (6) use of school and student performance data to drive academic rigor in the classroom.

The great majority of STCM Member school children are students of color from low-income families. During the 2011-2012 school year, students at STCM member elementary schools outperformed WI state averages on the WKCE and performed dramatically higher than the MPS average. Member elementary schools averaged 86.1% in reading and 83.6 percent in math, where Wisconsin averaged 82.6 percent in reading and 79.2 percent in math and MPS averaged 61.6 percent in reading and 52.9 percent in math.






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