Scott Walke’s Budget Proposal: One Student’s Perspective

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Quincy King

by Quincy King, Transition High School student

Scott Walker’s budget proposal includes cutting over half a billion dollars from public education.With such cuts it would do irreparable harm to school districts across Wisconsin.

These cuts would put an end to many programs including Advance Placements Classes, High school athletics, Children’s Head start, and Free or Reduced lunch.

Some of these programs have been proven to help students succeed in academics. Advance placement classes provide students the opportunity to experience college-level assignments and offer a test that students can take; which if they pass, can earn college credits or other dividends.

With the free or reduced lunch programs kids that come from struggling families can come to school and be provided with a hot lunch. Without that some kids would go without eating for a whole day and would have to find a way to provide a meal for themselves.

In order to fulfill these proposed cuts teachers would have to take at least a $9,000 cut causing many to either leave their profession or look elsewhere to make a living. What does this mean for the classrooms?

This means that with less teachers, class sizes would increase dramatically making it that much harder to learn because the teacher would have to divert their attention from teaching the classroom and helping students with their questions to gaining control over the class.

If the bill passes some high school athletics would be cut out. These programs give kids an opportunity to experience the benefits of playing a team sport. They would miss out on building that bond with fellow students for having to go through some of the hardships that come with every sport. Without that kids would have to find alternative ways to spend their time outside of school, which in this society usually means getting into trouble.

In MPS kids are labeled that they have no desire to seek higher education. Well that is wrong. Programs like Community Learning Center (CLC) and Young Professional Academy (YPA) these programs provide students with after school tutoring and opportunities to learn how to compose a resume and how to conduct themselves in life.

Specials like art, music, and dance would also cease to exist. Studies have shown that students that take these classes do better in their normal classes. Not only that but most colleges require that students take at least one of these humanities classes.

Without these classes students that excel or enjoy them will miss out. These classes are where some of today’s most influential artists and celebrities found their talent.

So lets unite and send a clear message to Scott Walker saying: “No” to the budget bill and to stop taking away from our future to fix the present! We need to step back and ask ourselves: “If we want Wisconsin to take a step forward, how will we do that if we send our schools backward?”

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