Scrutiny of MPD is not carte blanche for criminals

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Statement of Alderman Joe Davis, Sr.

The Milwaukee Police Department continues to operate under a heightened level of scrutiny in the wake of several incidents in which officers overstepped their authority. This scrutiny is a good thing, for both the community and the police department, and I strongly urge anyone who believes that they are the legitimate victims of police abuse of power to come forward and report it.

But let me be clear about one thing—that is NOT an invitation for lawbreakers to try and hide their crimes behind accusations against MPD officers who are simply doing their jobs. Those who commit crimes can expect to be brought to justice within the confines of police procedure and the law.

As a member of the Public Safety Committee, I simply will not advocate for police to turn a blind eye to crime. If a person continues to engage in illegal activity and leaves police no choice but to utilize an appropriate level of force in apprehending that criminal, I expect police to do their jobs and enforce the law. The law-abiding public deserves no less.

There is a balance between right and wrong. Milwaukee Police officers must follow the rules that have been established to protect the public, just as criminals should NOT expect to be pardoned for their wrongdoing simply by crying “foul” and making frivolous claims of police brutality.







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