SDC and Running Rebels Help Job Seekers

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Running Rebels staff talk with SDC W-2 clients about job openings with the community organization.

Two organizations combined efforts to help residents find work. The W-2 Program of the Social Development Commission (SDC) worked with Running Rebels to connect job seekers with work opportunities.

Running Rebel job recruiters were recently invited to the W-2 Central site at 29th and Capitol to talk with program customers about job openings with the community organization. Current positions being filled at Running Rebels include Mentors, Crisis Stabilizers, and Tutors. Residents were given a presentation on the openings and then invited to leave a resume and personal information.

Deshron Perkins is a young man who attended the employment session seeking a position as Mentor. He noted that as a youth had participated in the Running Rebels Mentoring Program as a recipient. He added the program had successfully encouraged him to finish school and said he learned a lot. He now wants to do the same for other young people who might be struggling as he was at that age.

Deshron Perkins (left) discusses Mentor openings with Running Rebels staff at employment session held at SDC W-2 Central office.

The Running Rebels job session is the latest in an on-going series of workshops the SDC W-2 Program provides at its sites across Milwaukee County that provide job opportunities for residents looking for work to meet face to face with potential employers. For more information on the SDC W-2 Program, visit the SDC website at, click on the “Programs” page and then the link for “W-2”.


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