Seek Peace and Pursue it

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Have you ever met someone who made absolutely everything an argument? No matter what the case they not only highlight the worst part of the situation, but also manage somehow to add to the problem by finding fault, blaming others and creating layers of confusion.

These people are among the most challenging to work with at church and in secular situations. They only see the faults of others and have an amazing knack for making the situation worse by inwardly enjoying the strife that lies at the heart of a difficult scenario. 

It is amazing how dealing with people who love conflict can draw you into the same place if you are not careful. Interaction with negative people can begin to affect you and literally cause you to walk into work, church or home anticipating conflict, negativity and an argument. As you put things together for a project, committee, or even a gift, you do so anticipating them finding something wrong with what you have done.

These broken, hurting and hurtful people are in our neighborhoods, places of work, churches and even our homes. As difficult as they are to deal with, God commands us to show love to them as well.

Psalm 34:14 says: “Depart from evil, and do good; seek peace, and pursue it.” This verse prompts us to not only do the right thing, but to also follow the way of peace. To pursue something means that we are actively chasing it. How many times have you and I chased revenge, the last word or winning an argument rather than peace.

Sadly, many in the rising generations feel that seeking peace makes you “a punk” or soft. Yet, those who are older, wiser and have lived through battles – both spiritual and natural – can attest that seeking peace makes you a healthier and more balanced person. Living to argue and arguing to live makes one bitter and not better.  It creates a hardened heart and removes the joy from what God determined should be an abundant life.

This week, ignore the foolishness and rise above the controversy the enemy brings; seek peace in every situation and once you find it – pursue it. 








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