SET Ministries

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SET Ministry is a Milwaukee community-based health and human services agency that helps socially and economically disadvantaged people establish and achieve goals that promote self-sufficiency and improve lives. SET accomplishes this goal by providing direct services that utilize a collaborative approach to link people with needed resources.

Born out of a program of the Wheaton Franciscan System in March 1985, SET Ministries was created in response to a mandate from a General Chapter of the Wheaton Franciscan Sisters to more actively operate and provide a “Preferential Option for the Poor.”

SET is the acronym for Service, Empowerment, and Transformation, which was taken directly from the sisters’ goals, which was to be a demonstration model of collaboration that could be replicated with the belief that collaboration would result in greater effectiveness than individual efforts. A committee decided that that model would be created in Milwaukee, to work to make it a better place to live.

More than 25 years later, SET Ministries now operates 16 offices and five additional sites, to deliver social services to more than 5,000 adults, children and families each year, citywide.

SET guides people to serve their own basic needs for food, healthcare, stable housing, financial security and more. The SET community and its members are committed to reversing the effects of poverty locally; this transformation is supported by the dedication and courage of many citizens.

SET Ministry serves participants in three distinct areas: helping central city families with fulfilling their goals in areas of health, housing, parenting, education, employment and relationships; students, helping central city religious/private schools children who want to prevent behavioral and mental health problems by improving emotional health, coping skills and peaceful conflict resolution; and assisting elderly persons and adults with disabilities who want to maintain health, stabilization in their housing and enhance their quality of life.

At the core of its success of being a good neighbor is SET’s commitment to respecting the dignity of each human life, by integrating the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of each individual.







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