Is Your Sex Life Healthy?

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By Tyomi Morgan   –

People rarely think about how a balanced sex life is beneficial to overall health, but this is something that is critical to maintaining optimal wellness. Every person has a different idea about how they want to release their sexual energy and there is no one way that can be deemed as right or wrong. However, many remain unclear about what exactly defines a healthy sex life.  Some have sex drives that are intense and passionate, whereas others may be more subtle in their approach and execution.  A healthy sex life doesn’t always mean having physical intercourse with a partner and this fact can often be confusing.

So what exactly is a healthy sex life?

A healthy sex life is one that is balanced based upon personal standards.  Sexual energy is very powerful and can become dangerous and destructive if it isn’t released or channeled in the proper way, so it is imperative for singles and couples to find healthy ways to express their erotic nature. What may work for one person may not work for the next, but a good rule of thumb when it comes to erotic expression is if no one is being hurt and if one isn’t harming his/her self, then it’s a healthy form of sexual expression.

How does you express yourself sexually?

As stated previously, sexual expression isn’t always about having physical intercourse.  Sexual energy is also creative energy and that energy can be put into a project that is artistic in nature or into a project such as starting a new business or even building upon relationships with others.  Building intimacy with a partner is a great form of sexual expression as well.  Additionally, playing out sexual fantasies, whether they involve a sexual encounter or refrain from physical contact, is another healthy way to express erotic energy.  Self-love, self-pampering and even having conversations about sex are options for sexual expression as well.

However you choose to balance your sex life is up to your personal decision, but the most important thing to remember is that erotic expression is essential for both singles and couples. Maintaining a natural flow of energy centers within the body will keep you in great spiritual shape and improve overall health over time. Being open to new ideas and non-judgmental are the first steps toward gaining a healthy sex life.


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