Shifted but Not Sifted

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I am amazed that just four weeks ago we were discussing how hot it was and how great the weather would be as school was once again in session. A month has passed and the ride into work has gotten darker, the leaves have turned colors and begun to fill the small space between where tires stop and the curb starts. There is a newfound crispness in the air and it is clear that not only has fall arrived, but winter is inevitable.

We have watched the television ads shift from summer sales to back to school to endless election ads and reminders that layaway is available for our Christmas purchases. If you allowed the media to guide you, you would feel as through the year was over and next week was the start of 2013. By the grace of God there is still time for growth and hope this year!

Things may be shifting but they are most certainly not settled.

During this time of year many people find themselves going through a wide range of emotional, spiritual and financial reflection. People begin to take full inventory of what has happened over the year and what still needs to be accomplished. Many review with care the lists made in the beginning of the year and have to honestly admit that things either did or did not happen as planned. Amazingly, whether good or bad – if you are reading this article – it means you survived! You made it through the good and bad times that this year has presented. Even more, you have been allowed by God to continue on the journey in recognition of the fact that you have more to accomplish during your time here on earth. It is not time to quit!

Things are shifting but not settled – it’s not over!

When was the last time you stopped to ask God what He wanted from you? What is it that God has asked you to do that you can still get done this year? What can you shift and what can you still positively impact? I guarantee that there is something awesome that you can still do with the remainder of the year.

The difference between delayed success and guaranteed failure is the attitude of the person dealing with the issue. Jesus warned Peter that the devil wanted to sift him. The good news was that before the enemy had an opportunity to do so Jesus took time to pray for Peter in advance.

When difficulties come, be determined not to fall apart. Stand strong and allow the prayer already prayed for you to take their full effect. Get out of the way of your blessings and stand back! Sometimes our greatest obstacle in the midst of a shift is ourselves. As you look toward finishing the year strong ask yourself, “Am I dealing with the shift – or have I simply allowed myself to be sifted by the stressors that have come my way.” The choice is yours and a portion of the outcome is in your hands.









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