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Wife In-Law:
For Worse or For Better?
by Sonya Marie Bowman
Do we really need another reality housewives television show? What if Hollywood chose to do a reality show on the large statistical ratio of more men in this world than there are women? Statistics state that in Milwaukee alone, there are nearly 39,000 more women than there are men. They could name the show: Wife In-Laws – Man sharing. We already have the show Sister wives, and that’s as real as real can get. Having multiple wives is considered legal for the Mormons and other religious sects living in similar communes.
In Islam, it is a fact that a man can have as many wives as he is able to take care of. In ancient biblical times, it was the norm for prophetic greats like Abraham, Kind David, Solomon as well as Jacob, to have more than one wife.
The great Egyptians, engineers and pioneers of civilization, also believed it normal for a man to have more than one wife along with a plethora of concubines, siring a multitude of children. Even the great Julius Caesar took another wife outside of Roman law, choosing to wed legally within the stated laws of Egypt at the request of his Egyptian lover…Queen Cleopatra. Was she viewed as the other woman by the Romans or was she known to be a wife of Caesar by her people and under the confines of her religion? You decide.
Even though the aforementioned facts happened long ago, and the given ratios are staggering, have things really changed all that much? Are some people still practicing wife-in law relationships behind closed doors because they simply want to or is it because they have to in order to get through this thing here we call life? Is it such the plight of the modern day woman to hold on to her virtue and live a life of aloneness because there is a man shortage epidemic? Or is it the plight of a woman to succumb to what society sees as temptation vs. seeing it as natural survival, while co-existing with some semblance of normalcy?
Though some may not find the subject matter presented, neat, nice and wrapped all up in a pretty bow, yet and still maybe there are others who find it a raw direct gift, special delivered to stir their thoughts on what is worse or better for women in this situation? I don’t know the answers and maybe there is no right or wrong ones.
Maybe it’s just about what the individual believes according to their own spiritual beliefs? Then again, maybe it’s just the natural order of things, in the way it is supposed to be? I clearly see this happening in not only our community, but in communities all over the globe.
What may seem natural to us in our communities may be totally unnatural in another, and this we cannot judge or least you be judged yourself. Is this why other societies like the Sister Wives reality show, do what they do to survive…to stop the madness and simply live and let live? Is this their way of obliterating that nasty word and act of adultery, because to them, maybe there is no such thing? Is it also their way of having peace, love and harmony and never having to go without companionship? The greater question that comes to mind my people: Is this the way that the Father planned male and female dynamics it in the first place?
Could it be that God knew what He was doing when He designed these staggering ratios of women to men, and maybe we are the ones that got it twisted? I suppose it depends solely on how each of us views this man-sharing epidemic without judging or pointing fingers at anyone for their beliefs.
Did these wives in laws and sister wives based their decisions on the worst of being alone or the better in having a quality of life? What would you do? What would you choose…for worse or for better??


by Tara Pulley
I awoke this morning and thanked God for breathing…then I thought, I wish I were a child again. I remember waking up as a child and breakfast would be at the table. My Mom would remind me of my daily chores – wash the dishes, make your bed, clean your room and make it to school on time.

These were my only responsibilities…I had room and board and the love of two parents. Today my feeling is I would love to be Free of adult responsibilities for just a day…..I remember the innocence of my thoughts and the world as a child and teenager.

I truly was a Free Spirit in my childhood and teenage years. I know we all have to grow up and mature but, today I would love to be Free in thought…not think about the bad, evil, jealousy, violence, corruption, high gas prices, high food prices, prejudices, timelines, debt…

TODAY ALL I WANT TO DO IS PLAY JACKS AND HULA HOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tara R. Pulley
Keeping it Real

by Zelda Corona

I will never be free until I embrace the “me” that I hide, not just from others, but from myself. I was afraid to release the person that I viewed as weak – literally feeling insulted by the mere thought that I would even consider letting her be exposed. I mean truthfully – I was planning on keeping her in the back-room forever, because I didn’t believe her balance was necessary…”Sike…”God makes no mistakes. Every ego has an alter-ego and I was terrified to meet my ascendant. Recently she started to ignore the boundaries that I set – slowly peaking her head outside of the door. Brave enough to smile when someone smiled at her, even though that embrace was foreign. Her smile made me smile, and I started to wonder if we could ever be friends… I think I will invite her for coffee.




Wife In-Law

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