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I know My Worth… It is time He knows My Worth… I am beyond the perfect fit for Him… There will never be another Woman for this Man like Me… I was made for Him…I complete Him, and He knows this… High time He stopped acting the role and begin to play His part… He has every reason to call Me back and every reason to marry Me… If He does not do so, then it is surely His Loss.

“Sonya Marie”/Sista Speak…Speak Lord!!!


The sound of the beat is a familiar rhythm. Taking it for granted, I ignore the music that plays because it has been there for as long as I can remember. It is a controlled pattern that gives me balance. I reach for it like a warm blanket, and it comforts me. I take solace in knowing that it will be there whenever I listen for it. It is pretty and magical – a soft motion that moves like waves on a sunny day. Its pace is situational – elevating when necessary, but calming right on cue. I pray for it to continue and I am blessed by its vibration. I thank God for this instrument, while simultaneously asking to be forgiven for my negligence over the years. I want to always hear the beat and to be cognizant of it. I want to give it what it has always given me. I now sit quietly listening, paying attention to its worth – but it has no monetary value. I appreciate what it offers…It has always been selfless when I wasn’t. I cry for the times that I did not treat it with care and I rejoice that the sound is still present. Noise starts to distract me and I realize that it is fear; I am afraid of losing the sound that is music to my ears. I declare loudly in my head – Not today!!! – I refuse to be diverted by the enemy. I WILL NOT allow negative echoes to plug my hearing of the soft drum being played by the Universe. PRAISE BE TO GOD…PRAISE BE TO YHWH!!! I hear you Lord. SHHHHHHHHHH…I am listening to the Heart of my Mother.

Zelda Corona/Sista Speak…Speak Lord!!!


We may struggle these days to be patient with what is going on around us. We keep telling ourselves not to get worked up but we do. If something is not going fast enough, We may feel justice has not been served and wonder what direction is Man taking this World. During these times and what’s going on in our courts, cities and neighborhoods, we need to hold on to patience and not allow anyone or anything to break our spirits. Allow GOD to guide us – When we Let GOD guide us He does not steer us Wrong. Even though we may have to go through some things that seem to test our faith and strength – There is a light at the end of the tunnel when We Allow GOD in.


TARA R. PULLEY/Sista Speak…Speak Lord!!!






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