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POSITIVE If you notice all of the above is what FRIENDSHIP means to me and the meaning is from all of the letters in FRIENDSHIP. Try this on your own and see by using the letters what your meaning of FRIENDSHIP is…………… Keeping It Real

Tara R. Pulley-Sista Speak…Speak Lord!!!


• “Two boxes of washing powder – two boxes of soap – all not ready holler billy-goat!” – FIRST RELATIONSHPS

• “10, 20, 30, 40,…One 10 – 10, 20, 30, 40,…Two 10 – BESTIES

• “She’s a brrrick – house…she’s mighty mighty, just letting it all hang out” – INDIVIDUALITY

• “When I was seventeen, I did what people told me…I’m in controool” – GROWING APART

• “Love and happiness…it will make you do right– make you do wrong” – COMPANIONSHIP

• “Reunit-ed and it feeeels so good” – REESTABLISHING

• “Lookin’ back on when I – was a little nappy headed…I wish those days – could – come back once more, why did those days – e – ver have to go” – CONNECTION

• “Toby went away – It was a saaad day, oooh when Toby went away” – CLOSING STAGES

• “I found a frieeeend – I found a frieeeend – I found a good friend, I found a good friend -and He goes with meeee yeaa – even through the thick and thiiin” – FOREVER

Zelda Corona Sista Speak…Speak Lord!!!

BFF Till the Grave! (Best Friend’s or Fake??)

Been knowing you since we were in high school. Here we are at mid-life and I feel like I never really knew you at all.

Hung out in them bars with you, stroked them streets in them whips with you, I fought for you when you were being disrespected.

Styled your hair for you, did your nails for you, dried your tears for you – defended you when your other friends wanted nothing else to do with you.

Sat and listened to you when all you needed was an ear to bend, bout what that “fake fa-sho brother” did to you. Would have plotted murder with you to bump him off if that’s what you would have wanted me to do. Yeah…I would have did it… cuz gurl I was a friend to you!!!

My family became your family. Your problems became my problems.

But it feels like you have been stabbing me in the back all this time.

Even after all of this, I will take your secrets to my grave. I came to your rescue in the wee hours of the night. I befriended you because I thought we connected on a mature level of great minds thinking alike.

You twisted our friendship with figments of your imagination. I offered my assistance. I forgave you even when I thought you did me wrong.

I want to be obedient to God’s word and I know I am not perfect, but I still have expectations of you. Even after all of this, I will take your secrets to my grave.

Sonya Marie Bowman Sista Speak…Speak Lord!!!





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