Sista Speak…’Speak Lord!’

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Meet the sistas who Motivate and Inspire with their words
Three local and upcoming women writers/authors have joined forces to write a thought provoking book based on their own real life experiences and reflections. Called “Sista Speak…Speak Lord!,” The three authors: Sonya Bowman, Zelda Corona and T.R. Pulley say the book provides wisdom and forethought for all audiences. The book is now in the process of having the book published sometime in the very near future. Below are their bios and samples of their individual work.
Zelda Corona – A high spirited and energetic individual who brings enormous vision and enthusiasm to any endeavor. As an Activator, she definitely makes things happen. Her passion is to inspire others to see beyond their grasp and reach for the unattainable through faith and favor. Zelda holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Health Care Administration and an MBA with an emphasis in Corporate Communication. She is the founder of a mentorship alliance, “Victory Vision Life Coaching,” where she utilizes her motivational talents to uplift individuals and help them define their personal and career path. As a mentor, she encourages many through her own life experiences and challenges, and as an Adjunct Instructor for Concordia University, she makes it her mission to teach the total person regardless of the subject matter. You will find Zelda’s prose to be truthful and stimulating, illustrating examples of how she has taken 100% responsibility for her life by refusing to be a victim of any circumstance.

Sonya Bowman – “Maryam” came into this world in 1967 in Illinois, right outside of Chicago. Sonya has powerful faith based ethics instilled in her by her father Abdul-Muhammad, who started the multi-cultural center at UWM. Sonya is a motivator who leads by example, settling for nothing less than bringing visions to fruition. Sonya graduated from Concordia University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and is currently in completion of her MBA with a concentration in Health Care Administration. Sonya is a Lead Specialist with the Crisis Prevention Institute, and an avid supporter of community charitable events and committees. Giving back and paying it forward to the needy, disabled shut-ins, and those newly released from prison, is paramount for her. Sonya’s writing has enabled her to collaborate with her co-authors and others within the community – helping to open doors and find inner peace as it relates to keeping God first. As a true soldier of life’s trials and test, she is proud to have been raised with the necessary ingredients of – truth, courage, survival and the respect of self! It is these traits that have been her steadfast companions on her journey.

Tara R. Pulley – A take charge individual who accepts no prisoners. Tara’s unique approach is uncoated and direct, but her ability to put herself in the shoes of others depicts why she sits on the Board of the Convergence Resource Center for Women and her career choice of providing employment for those on community corrections. As an excellent communicator, Ms. Pulley brings realism and clarity to her writing which clearly lets her truths sign.














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