Skinny Jeans: A hazard to your health

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 (FOX – Orlando)

What drastic measures do you take to get into your skinny jeans?

“I do the jumping and waddling,” one woman told us.

And who could forget the plier and zipper maneuver from the movie Dazed and Confused? But did you know your skinny jeans could be making you sick? The tight pant leg can cinch the nerve in your upper thigh.

“If you feel it, you would know,” says Dr. Alix Casler of Physician Associates.

She says there’s even a medical term for the condition.

“It’s called meralgia paresthetica,” Dr. Casler explains. That means nerve pain and weird nerve feeling like when you hit the funny bone or if your arm falls asleep.”

It’s something Alisa knows all too well.

“I had twins and i had a pinch nerve from the weight of the babies,” Alisa says. “They said part of that – a lot of women get a pinched nerve in your hip area from wearing jeans too tight.”

So when you’re getting ready to head out the door, how do you know when the jeans are just too tight?

Here’s a clue: If you have to jump around the room and do squats, chances are they’re too tight.

“If it’s causing you pain, it’s a message to your body,” Dr. Casler says.

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