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by Allegra Walls

House of Fashion Boutique is located in Menomonee Falls, just off Main Street and Appleton Avenue. It is the brain child of owner Christine Tackes. The store is beautiful, extremely well appointed and offers some very trendy and creative finds. I spotted some great pieces of jewelry, gorgeous scarves, and many dresses that are perfect for a summer night out. House of Fashion Boutique also sells beautiful wedding gowns and none of them were priced over $350.

This is a great place for brides on a budget to stop in and see what they have to offer. There was a beautiful selection of gowns with ornate beading, trains, and lace in varying styles and sizes. It’s worth it for a one of a kind find for your special day. Christine also does wedding décor and design and with her keen sense of detail and eye for fashion in all elements, she can help make your special day simply amazing.

Christine believes in providing affordable fashions for all women because she wants you to be able to afford to treat yourself, without breaking the bank. House of Fashion Boutique opened on April 27th this year and was really a natural progression of gifted hands. Christine started out selling jewelry at trade shows, doing part time modeling and providing her styling services to others.

Christine is a hair stylist, Mary Kay consultant and professional makeup artist by trade and she found that leaving her full time job as a dental assistant to follow her dreams of working in fashion with all things fabulous, was the key to a successful future. She also wanted to set an example for her two young daughters Akira and Christiona who are often in the store with their mom helping out in their own special way. House of Fashion Boutique truly is a family business and Christine is wholeheartedly supported by her husband Paul whom she credits with helping her to expand her dreams.

In the next five years Christine sees herself expanding her business to include her own clothing line. She currently designs, clothes, bags, shoes and jewelry so if you are looking for a one of a kind piece or have something you would like embellished stop in and see her because you will leave with a unique and creative ensemble.

Christine describes herself as a God-fearing woman and her motto is to always put God first, and allow everything else to fall into place. She believes in reaching out and encouraging others and considers her boutique a safe place to share and heal. Her openness to people and her willingness to share a part of herself will undoubtedly translate into success for her business.

She is a member of City of Refuge Church where her mother, Sabrina Ward is the presiding pastor. In conjunction with her church, Christine and her sister Robin Bickham, who is also a hair stylist, are involved with a pretty special project to give back to the community. They work with The Gathering, a homeless shelter in the inner city of Milwaukee and they give away clothing, both new and used, provide haircuts and hairstyles for the residents

If you would like to donate or help out with the project please feel free to call Christine at (414)-588-5876 or stop in the store at N88W16761Appleton Avenue in Menomonee Falls. She is open Tuesday through Saturday from 12:30 pm until 6:30 pm.

Allegra Walls is a Marquette University Graduate, freelance writer and Executive Director of Urban Fresh Inc., a non-profit in Milwaukee.



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