Small Business Spotlight: Attorney Anthony Jackson

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Anthony Jackson, the founder and owner of the Jackson Law Office, started his practice in Milwaukee eight months ago. His practice is concentrated in estate planning (wills, trusts, and probate), employment law, criminal defense, and personal injury. As a licensed attorney in Illinois and Wisconsin, Jackson has represented individuals in both states, as well as Michigan. As a business owner, lawyer, and advocate, Jackson plays many roles, yet takes tremendous satisfaction in helping his clients.

For his clients who are facing serious criminal charges Jackson’s goals are to advocate on their behalf and protect their constitutional rights. For the family that is seeking an estate planner for the first time, Jackson ensures that the clients’ long-term needs are met, facilitating financial protection and a peace of mind. For the client who suffers an injury, Jackson’s mission is to bring justice and compensation to those hurt by the negligence of others.

Ultimately, Attorney Jackson’s goals are to provide first-class legal representation tailored towards each client’s motivations, goals, and needs. Hard work and effective strategies are the fabrics of his practice to ensure clients’ needs are met.

A Milwaukee native, Attorney Jackson is the son of a retired teacher and Milwaukee small business owner who is proud to serve his hometown. His parents stressed hard work and education. Jackson’s interest in the legal field began at Nicolet High School where he read the book “Civil Action,” a true story about an attorney who represented leukemia victims against corporate giants who were polluting the water in the community.

Jackson is proud to serve the Milwaukee community. He can be reached at the Jackson Law Office at (414) 704-5680 or The Jackson Law Office is located downtown at 230WestWells, Suite 600.


Attorney Anthony Jackson



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