Sometimes It Takes Another Voice

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Recently, I went out of town and despite looking at several different travel options, I realized I would not be able to avoid missing our Sunday morning worship service.

As a pastor, I take very seriously the responsibility of being physically present to those to whom I am charged to minister. I also know that there is only one of me and I cannot be in all places at the same time.

Part of good leadership is knowing how to delegate responsibilities and release others to use their gifts and talents. I had preached a sermon on the first Sunday of the year that I believe was designed by God to put us on the right path for the year.

The following Sunday that I was gone I had a guest speaker, who I respected very highly, came to minister. At the conclusion of service people texted me and told me how wonderful the sermon and service was and how they were able to enjoy the presence, power and prophetic word of God.

Most importantly, they were compelled to make personal improvements in their lives. Members told me one after another they received solid teaching as well as confirmation of what I had said the previous Sunday.

There was no doubt that they believed the initial word; however, sometimes hearing the same word or lesson from a different voice empowers people to hear the same information in a different way.

We all can benefit from having wise counselors around us and those we love. Sometimes, even our children need to hear positive affirmations and rule reinforcement from other people.

The village model of child rearing can be applied to adults who too often make the mistake of believing that have outgrown the need for sage advice.

Who are the people who are positive voices in your life? How do they encourage, correct, motivate and empower you to be the person God wants you to be? Which voices around you do you need to silence in order to remain focus on your life’s journey?

Just like the right voice can lead you to greatness, the wrong voice can lead you astray.

As you reflect on your life I am certain that you can think of at least one time that listening to the wrong voice got you in a world of trouble. The great thing about God is that His voice does not waver between right and wrong.

He is a consistent, sovereign, loving, correcting and caring voice that can radically equip us to be great, as greatness is measured according to biblical standards.

His voice, the voice of the Good Shepherd calls us to come closer to him. This week, which voice will you listen to – your own, others or His?

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