Springfield college sophomore models ideals of service

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by Taki S. Raton

Humbly with dignity and poise, Springfield College proudly occupies the third floor suite of the Commerce Building, located at 744 N. 4th St., where the faculty and staff diligently work to produce outstanding students.

One of those students, Channel Fitzpatrick, a Springfield College sophomore, runs her own pest-control business, A Pest 2 Go Pest Management Service.

“You just have to want something for yourself,” says Fitzpatrick sharing her passionate connection and commitment to her work.

With two children, a daughter 8 and a son 5, she is now married with a husband who recently received his master’s degree in civil engineering.

“We both believe in giving back to the community and also that wealth is something more than financial stability.  Personal wealth, our family believes, is doing good and being good.  Personal wealth is putting a smile on someone’s face or knowing that your actions are of benefit to others.”

Her business was actually passed down from her dad who operated Community Pest Control for nearly 30 years.  She says that she would like to expand her business as a “reach out training program for our youth.”

Upon earning her bachelor’s degree, Fitzpatrick plans on returning to Springfield for her masters in business management.

She says of her studies: “My personal growth since attending the college has helped me to see the call for service to our community.  Sometimes when living a sheltered life, you tend to become selfish and blinded to the needs of others.

“The course curriculums here on campus and the instructional spirit has further inspired and energized my commitment to always be positive and work towards making a difference in the lives of people.”

Springfield College interim dean Dr. Warren R. Braden says that he is “proud to have the opportunity to provide the leadership necessary for the growth and vision of students like Mrs. Fitzpatrick as we continue in our daily mission the tradition of cultivating and preparing our graduates for leadership and service to humanity.”

Springfield College, founded in 1885, is a private, co-educational institution with a concentrated focus on the allied health sciences, human and social services, sports movement activities, and in the arts and sciences.

There are eleven satellite sites around the country, which include our Milwaukee downtown campus.

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