Spy vs Spy: Gadgets infiltrate divorces as domestic snooping booms

Written by admin   // May 21, 2012   // 0 Comments

(Houston Chronicle)
It had been a rough couple years since his divorce, but Brian R. Martin of Pasadena never expected that things had gotten this bad. A tiny recording device sewn into his son’s blue jeans? Seriously?


But in the world of warring ex-spouses and suspicious significant others, all bets are off. Thanks to ever-improving technology that all but encourages snooping, people all over the country are making secret recordings, planting tracking devices, and peering into cellphones and personal computers of those whom they once claimed to love.


Domestic surveillance may be a topic for civil libertarians and politicians when it comes to those three-letter federal agencies – CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS – but domestic spying is a low-dollar affair that has become an obsession for many of the emotionally aggrieved. All it takes is a quick trip to the Internet – where spy gadgets are cheap and easily found – and the willingness to take on the job once left to private investigators.


Teddy-bear cameras are almost a cliché, but they now come with built-in digital video recorders. Pens aren’t just pens anymore but tiny recording studios. The button on a coat may contain a lens. That sneaking feeling that someone is following may not be paranoia but the result of a tiny box under your car that tells someone exactly where you are at any moment.

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