Star of ‘Basketball Wives L.A.’ visits New Horizon Center’s Female Shelter Program

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Malaysia Pargo of the hit VH-1 television series, “Basketball Wives L.A.” stopped by the New Horizon Center’s Female Shelter Program during a recent visit to Milwaukee.
The Female Shelter program is located at 9501 West Watertown Plank Road in Wauwatosa.
Pargo was in Milwaukee to speak to members of the Young Enterprising Society, a venture that encourages and mobilizes people, information and resources for the greater good of its members and society.
The Young Enterprising Society and New Horizon staff and clients had an opportunity to see and hear how Pargo successfully manages motherhood, marriage and career.
Casually dressed and down to earth, Pargo shared her personal story with 10 young women participating in the Female Shelter Program in an effort to inspire and encourage them to be their own personal success stories.
She shared her story of growing up in South Central Los Angeles in a rough Compton neighborhood.
She lived with her grandmother because her own mother was addicted to drugs and could not properly care for her. She described in detail how devastated she was when, at the age 16, her grandmother passed away, and how alone and isolated she felt.
Pargo said she did not want to get close to anyone for fear they would leave her too. As a result, she began to act out and rebel in school.
A principal at her school and others in her life stepped in as positive role models and provided her a clear-cut path away from her destructive behavior.
From there, Pargo was able to move forward and complete high school and college. She told the young ladies they should be empathetic to others and realize how their actions affect the people around them.
Pargo told the young ladies that, with the help of God, they have the power to change their life circumstances.
The young ladies who met with Pargo found her story very inspiring and encouraging. They identified with what they heard seeing in themselves the difficult circumstanes and challenges they have faced and have yet to face.
Pargo is actually the wife of a professional NBA basketball player and the mother of three young children: a six-year-old and two-year-old twins.
Pargo stressed that by sharing her story, she is doing God’s work. She graciously took pictures with each young lady.
A week after Pargo’s visit, her bodyguard returned to the center to deliver new Adidas gym shoes and a warm-up outfit to each resident present during Pargo’s visit.
The ladies were very excited and appreciative of the gifts.–Article courtesy of Olivia El-Amin


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