State Representative Elizabeth M. Coggs Speaks Out for Safe Drinking Water

Written by admin   // May 31, 2011   // 0 Comments

The Assembly considered legislation (Assembly Bill 23) that relates to the disinfection of municipal water supplies. Presently, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has the oversight responsibility for administering a safe drinking water program for the state. This bill now prohibits the DNR from mandating this requirement for municipalities for safe drinking.  This opens the door for sewerage getting into our drinking water or contaminating our groundwater.

My two youngest daughters and I got sick from being exposed to cryptosporidium back in 1987.  Fortunately, we were blessed and we recovered, but a number of people died because their immune systems weren’t strong enough to combat the infected water and they lack health insurance.

Not everyone can afford to buy bottled water. So if you are on a low or fixed income and have no health insurance, the potential exists for a sizable portion of the community to be infected without the public trust of the DNR’s over sight.

As I think about the ramification of this legislation, it’s genocide at its best in 2011. According to scientific testimony at committee, we are in essence setting people up for annihilation by unsafe drinking water legislation that soon will become law.

In my view, its criminal no to test the water supply for latent viruses. Can you imagine the impact this could have on the sick, the frail, the elderly and the very young they now become targets of unsafe drinking water. This will hurt our environment, our people and our future legacies.

The impact of having contaminated water supplies will place many communities in peril and constitutes a new form of genocide in this millennium. Unfortunately as the Democrats lost on this vote 58–35… we debated strongly on this item. As our brothers and sisters express themselves, when they pour libation “water is the existence of everything around us, we need safe in Wisconsin!”

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