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State Representative Jason Fields Partners with the MCLD

Rep. Jason Fields

Expanding the reach and depth of the Center for Leadership Development of Indianapolis (CLD) which has already impacted more than 20,000 African-American and minority youth in central Indiana over the past 33 years, the Milwaukee Center for Leadership Development (MCLD) was introduced to the Milwaukee community during it’s1st Annual Luncheon held on December 1 at the Italian Conference Center.

The theme of the afternoon was “Intentional Excellence in Education”- a phrase that has been coined by the MCLD in an effort to increase the awareness of the need for quality programs in the schools and the after school programs.

In attendance were business and community leaders, educators, foundation representatives, and elected officials; all of whom expressed a desire to see positive change in the city of Milwaukee, especially as it pertains to educating our youth.

“It (the MCLD) is poised to do some great things in this community.  I support them completely,” said Reuben Harpole.

The event featured speaker State Representative Jason Fields who has been a long time advocate of educational reform.

He serves on the Committee for Education Reform and has partnered with the MCLD to create opportunities and make significant changes in the educational outcomes of the youth in Milwaukee.

“This organization is obviously about excellence.  It has a 33 year history of success and I am confident it will play a critical role in bringing positive change in education to Milwaukee.”

Also speaking at the event was Marisela Obregon, a current International Baccalaureate student at Rufus King International High School and graduate of several programs offered by the Center for Leadership Development of Indianapolis.

“We need programs like this.  The Success Prep program helped me to know that I needed to take rigorous courses in high school.  Colleges look favorably on this and the courses will really prepare me to not just get accepted into a college, but to graduate from college.”  Marisela has enrolled in the MCLD’s core leadership program, Executive Youth Leadership Training, which will be beginning this January 2011.

The Milwaukee Center for Leadership Development has been modeled after the highly successful youth development organization, the CLD of Indianapolis, and will be delivering high quality leadership programs in Milwaukee that encourage African-American and minority youth to excel to the highest levels of achievement.

“Very simply, we meet the young people where they are and get them to where they need to be,” said executive director, Tamiko Jordan-Obregon.  After spending several years as the vice president of the CLD of Indianapolis, she returned to her hometown of Milwaukee to bring the CLD experience to the future leaders of this city.

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