State Sen. Harris comments on attempt to eliminate Wisconsin’s Common Core standards

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State Senator Nikiya Harris (D-Milwaukee) made the following statement after the Senate Committee on Education held a public hearing yesterday on SB 619, which would eliminate Wisconsin's Common Core standards and replace them with model standards generated by a board of political appointees: "Our children's everyday learning should not be subjected to the political whims and partisan gimmicks of a politically appointed board. “Our children deserve better than that. Our children deserve academic standards that are developed by experts in education, standards that will allow for our students to be challenged every day and prepare for college.

“The Common Core standards, although not perfect, provide school districts, teachers, and local educators with the flexibility to design and implement curriculum that best suits their particular school district. The Common Core standards set the floor, not the ceiling. “Who better knows the needs of our children than those that spend every day with them- their teachers, their administrators and principals, their parents, school boards, and superintendents?

“These dedicated individuals have spent years refining our educational standards, and will spend years continuing to refine our academics. Our academic standards should not be subject to the precarious uncertainty of what political party is in power. “As a state, we should be guaranteeing that students across the state are prepared for college and are prepared to compete nationally. Under this bill, I fear that our students could be subjected to standards that do little to prepare them for a college education and for their future careers."


State Senator Nikiya Harris

The Common Core standards

Wisconsin's Common Core standards

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