Statement from Milwaukee Public Schools regarding Bradley Tech High School

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A memo was released today to media by Milwaukee Alderman Robert Donovan regarding MPS’ Bradley Tech High School.  It included allegations of incidents at the school, a criticism of responses to those incidents and implied that public officials are not kept informed.

Let’s set the record straight.

Milwaukee Public Schools remains committed to the safety of students at Bradley Tech High School – and all our schools.  We take steps to protect children when students or others disrupt a school site.

Often the trouble we encounter comes in to our schools from neighborhoods plagued by crime and poverty.

MPS expends district resources to address those issues, as in the use of $60,000 in grant money to fund police patrols outside high schools at dismissal time, and to fund patrols in support of athletic events.

The allegation made that a rifle and a fake handgun were seized at the school is incorrect. Both weapons were found recently in the neighborhood, and in each case the suspect arrested was not currently attending Bradley Tech.

At Bradley Tech, we have worked in complete partnership with Milwaukee Police, the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office, and members of the Bradley Tech Commission.  Police have been responsive and helpful.   Superintendent Gregory Thornton has met with Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn and they continue to work together to address issues that plague our schools.

Dr. Thornton recently met with Violence Free Zone representatives regarding Bradley Tech and the community’s challenge.  We are frequently talking with our neighbors through the Walker’s Point Neighborhood Association, because a Bradley Tech representative makes it a point to attend the Association’s meetings.  We are continually looking at ways to enhance safety.  In the works: an effort to further restrict cell phones at the school.

On several occasions we have extended invitations to Alderman Donovan to work with us.   He has yet to respond.

We welcome him to tour the school, and to view the efforts being made on behalf of Milwaukee’s children.

The problems that Milwaukee’s neighborhoods face spill over into our schools every day. We work closely with partners committed to addressing those issues in the best interests of our students and the community.

We welcome thoughtful discourse, because that is the kind of discussion necessary to achieve real solutions to community problems that have an impact on our schools.

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