Study: The Top 10 Words to Include on Your Online Dating Profile

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Article courtesy of Uptown Magazine via “The Rundown”

Scientists claim that they’ve identified the key to building a profile that really speaks to potential admirers perusing your online dating profile.

They’ve found that what keywords you include on your profile can have a big impact on whether or not people pay attention to you. In a study of 12,000 dating profiles on eharmony scientists found that females got more admiring messages from men when they described themselves as sweet, ambitious or thoughtful.

On the other hand, men who described themselves as physically fit, ambitious or perceptive attracted the most attention from the ladies. Passion also ranked high on the list for what women liked. Both sexes ranked funny as the sixth spot on their list.

Top 10 Words Used by Women That Get The Most Response from Men

Sweet +46%
Ambitious +39%
Thoughtful +30%
Spontaneous +30%
Physically fit +22%
Funny +21%
Outgoing +19%
Optimistic +17%
Hard working +17%
Passionate +16%

Top 10 Words Used by Men That Get The Most Response from Women

Physically fit +69%
Ambitious +64%
Perceptive +63%
Passionate +53%
Optimistic +44%
Funny +38%
Spontaneous +33%
Thoughtful +21%
Affectionate +17%
Outgoing + 17%


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