Summer Reading Tips

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Here are some reading tips from the brain-trust at the National Summer Learning Association and tutoring authority, Sylvan Learning.

* Be a reading role model. By spending time reading at the beach or using the lengthy directions to put the grill together, you show your child that reading is both fun and useful.

* Set aside a consistent time each day for reading. Depending on your family’s schedule, reading time might be in the morning, afternoon or before bed. Whatever time you choose, stick to it! Consistency is key to building good habits.

* Let your child make their reading choices. Let kids read whatever they want. Now is a good time to encourage reading about topics they don’t study during school to explore new interests, discover new talents or delve into old hobbies.

* Set goals and reward effort. Reward reading with more reading. Download the next book in your child’s favorite series on your tablet or Kindle. Let your child peruse library catalogues online for e-books.

* Read the book, then watch the movie. Few things make kids feel more “superior” than comparing and contrasting a movie to the book it’s based on.


National Summer Learning Association

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