Survey: Hit the bars alone or with a pal?

Written by admin   // August 11, 2010   // 0 Comments – When you go out at night, should you go solo or with a pal? Yes, it does matter. Our survey finds out what boosts the odds of making a love connection.

You’re heading out to a party or a club, and you’re hoping tonight you’ll meet someone special. Your hair’s looking good, you’ve picked a cool outfit… but, wait: Should you go solo or grab a pal? Which will give you a better shot at finding romance?

We asked that question, and nearly 30,000 members answered: 52 percent of you said you’d have the most success if you go with a same-sex friend. Only 26 percent said you’d do better on your own, and 22 percent felt your odds would improve if a friend of the opposite sex was in tow.

Why is there such comfort in a friend of the same gender? Says Robin Gorman Newman, founder of, “I don’t think it actually raises your likelihood of meeting someone, it just makes you feel more comfortable walking into the room.”

But, she warns, don’t spend the whole night glued to the hip of your wingman or wing woman. “Guys are often intimidated to approach a group of women,” she points out, and vice-versa.

Newman recommends making an agreement with your friend that you’ll circulate separately and meet back in a certain amount of time, say, 20 minutes.

Recently, there’s been a rise in the popularity of “wing women” services in several U.S. cities, where a shy guy can hire a woman to go out with him and help him meet eligible ladies. But this was the least enticing option among people we surveyed. An obvious reason: Prospects get confused as to whether your friend is your date or just a pal. But more importantly,

Newman says, “I think if you’ve got a wing woman going up to strangers on your behalf, it might make those women wonder, ‘What’s wrong with him?’ If it works for you, great, but I have yet to meet any woman who would be turned off by a guy approaching her himself.”

But what if you’re a lone wolf type, or just don’t feel comfortable roping friends into your date-hunting events? Newman’s advice: Steer clear of large, free-form mixer-type events and opt for ones structured around an activity, such as a fundraiser or sports event, which will make it easier for you to break the ice.

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