Survey: Pets are getting even more pampered with presents this year

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(WWL – New Orleans)

It’s a trend that is showing no signs of slowing, as the American Pets Products Association is projecting this to be another banner year for pet gifts.
Over half of all dog owners plan to gift this year according to the APPA and 38% of cat owners plan to give at least a little something to their pet.
But now, more of us are also giving gifts to other people’s pets.
“We’re seeing a big increase in people coming into Petcetra and buying gift baskets for that hard to buy-for person, or a boss or a business associate, because it’s much more fun than giving them a basket of fruit,” says Petcetra owner Diane Lundeen. “A lot of people love their animals and their animals are their family.  So buying your boss a pet-related gift is a really great way to check off that Christmas present and to get your boss something your boss will love and remember.”
At the local Petcos, ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs is a new trend. “The ugly holiday sweater, which you’ve seen become more popular for people, now they’re starting to come out with that for pets.  That’s been pretty popular this year,” says manager Denis Breaud.
And he says people aren’t holding back this year from spending on their pets. “People want to treat their pets just like they do there families, their children.  Especially once the kids go off to college, and people are getting dogs and cats and other pets.  And they’re treating them more like they’re family members.”







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