Survey: Women wake up grumpier than men

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Women wake up in a worse mood than men in the morning, a new survey has revealed.

A lot of women said that they had been charged by work colleagues of “being in a strop” first thing in the morning.

More than half of the 2,000 adults surveyed said that they could not bear to chatting to anyone until at least 8am – over an hour after the average wake-up time of 6.49am, the Daily Express reported.

The survey by the makers of the Zombie Underground game app, also found that almost a third of the women dodged conversation with their colleagues first thing in their morning, while a fifth even ignored their kids.

“Waking up knowing you have a long and stressful day ahead of you can put you in a bad mood before you have even stepped out of bed,” spokesman Jon Lucas said.

“And it seems many people are dealing with their bad moods by ignoring those around them and avoiding all conversation. But you never know, having a chat with someone could help pull you out of your dark mood,” Lucas said.–Article courtesy of Business Standard







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