Tammy Baldwin Continues Dedication to the Community as Early Vote Gets Underway

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by Roemel A. Brown
Tammy Baldwin has made focusing on the community a key pillar of her campaign, and she has earned high praise and respect from key leaders throughout the community.
And as she maintains her focus on talking to voters right here in the community in Milwaukee, early vote is beginning across the state.
“I know how critical it is to come to the community and talk with people in their neighborhoods and churches and businesses, and hear directly about the critical issues people care about,” said Baldwin. “I am committed to being a US Senator who represents and fights for everyone.”
Elected officials, community leaders and pastors have praised her outreach efforts. And it’s nothing new for Baldwin. She has always made a real engagement with the community a top priority – both in her campaign and in her career.
As a life member of the NAACP Madison Chapter, and she has attended the multiple NAACP Freedom Fund dinners. She has also attended these events in Milwaukee, Kenosha and Racine.
A cornerstone of Baldwin’s community outreach is church visits. In just the past few months alone, Baldwin has visited Cross Lutheran ELCA, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church, Community Baptist Church, Greater New Birth, Christian Faith Fellowship Church of God in Christ – all in Milwaukee, as well as St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church in Racine.
And Baldwin has not waited until the final days of the campaign to visit churches. Instead, she has been visiting churches throughout her campaign, and committing real energy and time to creating strong ties with both church attendees and ministers alike.
Baldwin’s commitment to the community will continue through the remainder of the election, with planned visits to Community Brainstorming, and several other events across the city. This will be the second time Baldwin has attended Brainstorming, and she going back because she knows that Community Brainstorming produces real conversation and a positive exchange of ideas and opinions.
And as Baldwin continues to visit the community and talk to people directly, early voting begins across the state. Instead of waiting until Election Day on November 6, people can register and vote in person beginning on Monday, October 22 through Friday, November 2.
Early voting is important because voters face a stark choice between two very different paths for our future. Baldwin is fighting for our community, while her opponent is not. And it’s critical the community has its voices heard.
In addition to giving voters more flexibility around when they can vote, voting early ensures that people can spend the closing days of the election talking with their friends, neighbors, and colleagues about the choice in this election between someone like Tammy Baldwin who will always listen to the community and fight for the people and key issues, and her opponent who puts the wealthy special interests first.
In person early voting begins at municipal clerk’s offices (or an alternate voting location) across Wisconsin Monday, October 22 through Friday, November 2.
Voters will NOT need a photo ID to vote during early voting or on Election Day. If voters are not already registered at their current address, they can do so when they early vote. They will need to bring: a Wisconsin driver’s license or state ID, OR the last 4 digits of Social Security Number (if they do not have a WI driver’s license), AND a document that proves where they live, such as utility bills, phone bills, bank statements, paychecks, leases, and other government forms. These can be paper or an online bill or statement shown on an electronic device (including smartphones, tablets or laptops), and It must contain the voter’s complete name and current address.
For more information about early voting, you can go online and visit WWW.OWNYOURVOTEWI.COM
“Early Vote offers people more flexibility in casting their vote, and it’s something more and more people are taking advantage of,” said Democratic Party of Wisconsin African-American Caucus Chairwoman Stephanie Findley. “This added convenience gives voters more options to cast their ballot, and if they want a champion in the US Senate for jobs, for schools, for the economy and for our community, they should cast their ballot for Tammy Baldwin.”
And if elected, Baldwin will no doubt continue her commitment to the community as your US Senator.









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