Tennis Lessons (Part 2)

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Last week I was blessed to be able to share with you some of the lessons that I learned while taking tennis lessons. I am always amazed by how God can speak to us about spiritual things while in the midst of doing very basic natural things.

As I continued to process my spiritual learning from my tennis lessons, I realized that perhaps my newfound passion for the sport was driven more by God wanting me to learn more about Him than my drive to learn more about tennis and exercise.

In addition to the key components that I shared last week I also learned the following:

• Be present in the moment: One of joys in playing tennis is that I am forced to be fully present in the moment. I believe that many of you, like me find your life is too often filled with chronic multi-tasking.

Your food is on time bake while you put a load of laundry in the washing machine and answer emails, texts via cell phone while keeping tabs on your children and letting the dog out. When I am on the tennis court I cannot do anything else but play tennis. Emails cannot find me, cell phone cannot buzz me, people cannot place demands on me for one hour four days a week.

I am forced by the physicality of the sport to be fully present in each moment, not to win the game, just not to get bonked in the head with a fast moving ball.

In life there are too many times that we get hit by something (emotionally, mentally, spiritually) that had we been fully present in the moments of our lives, we would have seen it coming and been able to duck or brace for impact.

• Where your body goes the ball will follow: Once I achieved my primary goals of not dying on the court and actually hitting the ball I began to realize the importance of aiming.

One of the lessons that my instructor Connie taught me was that where my body was pointing was indicative of where the ball was going to go. Likewise, in the Body of Christ we have to position ourselves in the direction that we want our lives, children, jobs, finances and community to ultimately end up.

As I played for a few weeks I noticed that I kept hitting home runs. If you know anything about tennis you know that home runs are not a part of the game – which brings me to my next point.

• Sometimes a well placed tap is far more effective than a powerful swing. How many times have you or I caused a greater problem overreacting to a situation in our unresolved emotions rather than waiting for the right time, setting, and person by which to gently make a strategic point that will allow the conversation to stay “in bounds” and keep the people in the bleachers (those who are watching our conduct) safe.

This week, be in the moment; aim and be gently strategic in order to ensure your continued success and you continue on God’s path for you in 2012.

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