The Christian and AKA Cotillions: A rite of passage for Black Milwaukee’s young ladies

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Debutantes from the AKA Espilon Kappa Omega Chapter Cotillion

Debutantes from the Christian Business and Professional Alliance Cotillion

Just as Turkey and dressing are synonymous with Thanksgiving, so are the Debutante Cotillions of the Milwaukee AKA Epsilon Kappa Omega Chapter and the Christian Business and Professional Alliance.
Each year on the Thanksgiving weekend, the two cotillions present young ladies of color to society, providing them a forum for expressing and sharing their God given talents and skills.
The cotillions also provides scholarships to the participants who undergo a rigorous regimen of scholastic endeavors, community service, fundraising and exposure to–in the case of AKA debutantes–the principles of exemplary service and exceptional character embraced by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority.
The AKA Cotillion was held Saturday, November 24 at the Pfister Hotel. The Christian Cotillion was held the day before-Friday-at the Milwaukee Hilton Hotel. (Photos by Yvonne Kemp)





Debutante Cotillions



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