The Danger of Quitting in the Middle.

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Have you ever been driving down a busy street and then someone a few cars in front of you suddenly applies their breaks without warning? Almost instantly you are thrown into a state of reactivity that can endanger the lives of people in your car as well as travelers in other lanes.

Perhaps you have been walking in the mall only to discover that the stranger in front of you has come to a complete stop in an effort to catch a glimpse of the item in the window they just can’t resist, causing you to practically fall over in an effort not to run into them.

Many times people stopping in the middle of something, whether a street or a walkway, causes a ripple effect for those who are traveling on the same path.

I remember growing up and hearing people speak about God protecting us from dangers “seen and unseen.” I could not fully appreciate the meaning of an unseen danger until I almost rear-ended a car in an ice skid in a storm and missed the bumper by inches.

I was fully immersed in the adrenaline flood that only people who have sat behind a wheel of a car that they could not control can understand. While I struggled to regain my composure in between thanking God, I looked through my windshield and noticed the person in front of me had never looked up and was calmly sipping coffee. They had no clue that both of our lives could have been unpleasantly connected. Whether we like it or not, each one of us impacts the life of, at the very least, one other person.

More often than not we have a series of people whose lives are connected in a substantial way with our own. We affect one another and when one of us “quits in the middle” it has consequences beyond what we may see. As a people, we have notable social and economic advances due largely to our predecessors understanding that quitting was not an option.

Many of us are, or have been, in a place of personal or professional frustration. The feeling of being overwhelmed by a situation has made us give serious consideration to quitting. Perhaps it seems that getting that degree will be too hard, that job has too many complexities, the work of marriage is too daunting or being an parent is far less glamorous than the Pampers commercial made it seem.

Someone somewhere is struggling with a diagnosis that seems insurmountable, the death of a love one that they feel ill-equipped to live without or bills that seem to have placed them in a hole too deep to see any light in their future.

Someone reading this article may have self-esteem so badly damaged by life events that they feel it may be better to give up than to keep trying. I want to let you know that you are not alone, but you can’t quit in the middle.

The greater news is that you do not have to work through your problems alone. When your life is spinning out of control like my car was, you can call on the name that I called on, Jesus!

I can refer you to Him because every time that I have called Him, He has manifested Himself in my situation and either quieted the stormed or quieted me in the storm because the fastest way to drown in a storm is to panic.

God does not want you to quit. You have to keep moving, keep trying, and keep progressing – even if it is only an inch at a time. Reach out for your human resources as well. You are not less spiritual because you get counseling or need medication to help you through a difficult time. God loves you and so do more people than tell you on an average day.

You have to succeed – you can not quit in the middle.

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