The importance of vision screenings

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by Prevent Blindness America

Why are vision screenings important?

Half of all blindness can be prevented. A vision screening does not replace an eye doctor’s exam, but it can help identify people who are at risk for eye disease.

What is a Prevent Blindness America adult

vision screening?

Prevent Blindness America has the only national program that trains and certifies people around the country to conduct screenings that find vision problems in adults. Our screening procedures are recommended by many of the nation’s leading eye care professionals and researchers.

What happens at a Prevent Blindness America adult vision screening?

Prevent Blindness America’s adult vision screening includes several steps:

– The screener will ask you questions about your medical history, age, and when you last saw your eye doctor. These and other questions help assess your risk for several eye problems.

– The screener will check your vision for:

Problems seeing things far away (nearsightedness)

Problems seeing things close up (farsightedness)

“aging eye” or a decrease in the ability to focus on things close up

– During the exit interview, the screener will discuss your test results with you and make a recommendation about your need to see an eye doctor for a full eye exam. The screener can also answer other questions or refer you to sources that can help.

How long does the screening take?

A screening usually takes about 15 minutes.

What if the screener finds a vision problem?

If a certified vision screener detects a possible problem, the screener will advise you to make an appointment with an eye doctor for a full eye exam. Only your eye doctor can diagnose and treat eye diseases and vision problems.

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