The Intrinsic Black Nation

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By Rachel Royal

Our Lord God’s wisdom is like a flowing stream, showering and reviving our souls. This stream is a salve upon our tribulation that has been conceived by the Devil, whose evil is shrouded in various forms of materialism and misleading religious doctrine.

This materialism and false doctrine causes us to misunderstand God’s truth, thus we fail to carry out his teachings through action.

False teachings by those who are, in affect, oppressors, are unfortunately found not only in Christianity, but in other religions as well.

These “false teachers” impair our understanding of the truth and God’s laws—The Ten Commandments—and cast us into a dark abyss that dulls our minds and our perception of life.

We as believers must be willing to gain true knowledge of the word through the Old Testament. It is the only book of the laws of God, which is intrinsic to our nation.

God, through the sacrifice of his son, Jesus Christ, has cleansed our souls, freeing us from all iniquities. It is through His mercy that we are freed from the shackles of shame and the captivity of sin.

This freedom allows us to resume our course towards Him and righteousness.

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