The Junkie That Raised His Daughter

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New book inspires with the one-of-a-kind true story of a single parent junkie who raised his daughter to become a successful Christian, college graduate

Pastor Ray Houston strips off all shame and hesitations as he boldly steps into the light and shares his inspiring tale of redemption in “There Is Life After Drugs How Do You Want It?,” his newly released book made available through Xlibris.

His life was all about the streets, alcohol, sex, money, and above all, drugs, was what made his life go round. He seemed to be a hopeless case of a lost soul, until he opened his heart to see the rewards of being a single parent, raising his baby daughter even in the midst of dysfunction.

Through vivid narration, Pastor Houston chronicles the sour events of his past to bring inspiration to everyone in the future. He was a drug addict for 27 years, but God allowed him to escape jail, dodge death and not lose custody of his child. His newfound freedom marks his fascinating journey of new life and hope.

From Skid Row to the federal building, the dysfunctional “Mr. Pookie Ray,” the brother from the hood, would overcome his addiction. Right after 9/11, a time of extreme scrutiny for the country, he was tasked to do business as a General Service Administration contractor, painting the FBI Offices, he even went on to paint then incoming Senator Barack Obama’s office suites.  But what was most unbelievable was the fact that this former junkie eventually painted the Office of the Drug Enforcement Agency.

“There Is Life After Drugs How Bad Do You Want It?” inspires readers with the true tale of a junkie-turned-pastor. From page to page, it exudes a message of hope and love that you don’t have to quit living because you’re on drugs.

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