The Milwaukee Branch of the NAACP said it will not ‘rush to judgment’

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The Milwaukee Branch of the NAACP said it will not “rush to judgment” and will await the outcome of a Milwaukee Police Department investigation of seven of its officers and one supervisor suspended for conducting unauthorized strip searches on citizens during traffic stops.

The invasive searches are reportedly done by officers looking for illegal drugs. Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said the searches may be against the law. He said police officers must follow the law even if the subjects they deal with are lawbreakers.

James Hall, president of the Milwaukee NAACP branch said the allegations involving the seven officers and one supervisor are “very troubling.”

“We have spoken with Chief Flynn and understand that these matters are being investigated expeditiously,” Hall continued. “If the allegations are found to be true, they are disturbing and we expect immediate and appropriate action to be taken addressing any misconduct that may be found with respect to the officers as well as implementing any corrective action that may be required with respect to policies and practices of the Department.”

Hall said he trusts Flynn to “do the right thing” with respect to the investigations.

Common Council President Willie Hines reportedly called the searches “horrible” and “a stain” on the entire police department, even though it involved only a small number of offenders.

Though Flynn has spoken to prosecutors, no charges have yet been recommended against the officers, who have been re-assigned to other duty.–Compiled by MCJ Staff

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