The Milwaukee Center for Leadership Development to host an Open House and Networking Event

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The Milwaukee Center for Leadership Development (MCLD) is committed to providing quality youth development programs, which inspire African-American and minority youth to excel to the highest levels of achievement.

With its office now, firmly established at 315 West Court Street (one block north of Cherry Street on MLK), the MCLD is hosting an open house and networking event on March 26, 2011. This event is one not to miss!

Neighbors, community members and leaders, elected officials, parents and all who are interested in improving the educational outcomes of the youth of the city of Milwaukee, are invited to attend.

Learn more about the programs of the MCLD and the impact the organization will have on the lives of thousands of youth in the coming years. Enjoy the conversation and indulge in the food offerings of Executive Chef Linda Johnson, who is also a volunteer facilitator with the MCLD.

Substantive and life-affecting, the youth development experiences of the MCLD will continually support and aid our community by empowering a target audience of African-American and minority youth to acquire two invaluable characteristics central to high achievement: to value and believe in self and to value an education.

Once equipped with a healthy love of self and a respect for education and learning, the MCLD participants more readily appreciate and learn how to set high goals, work hard, and overcome peer pressure and other obstacles to success.

With this level of quality empowerment, the specific needs met are that many of these bright, educated youth will return value to our community by becoming local employees and employers, community leaders, volunteers, mentors, taxpayers, and stakeholders who have a vested interest in our community.

“I know I am prepared for college,” said Marisela Obregon, a graduate of the CLD of Indianapolis’ Success Prep program and a senior at Rufus King. “The classes in Success Prep made me realize the colleges appreciate a “B” in an IB class more so than an “A” in a regular class. Taking such a rigorous course load has helped me to learn how to study and manage my time.

Every student should take this class, so they know what they need to do in high school in order to be successful in college.”

Executive Director, Tamiko Jordan-Obregon has made a life-long commitment to educating young people. “I cannot say enough about the MCLD programs. The programs make education relevant to the youth and they expose them to experiences they may not otherwise have,” says Ms. Jordan-Obregon. “My daughters are all graduates of the program and they all appreciate and take advantage of their experiences.”

Now is the time for Milwaukee to raise its expectations in the traditional education setting as well as in the non-profit sector. Results need to be actualized and the impact on the city must be obvious.

We can no longer afford to support organizations that are not producing results. While some programs may make you feel good for the moment, the programs of the MCLD will provide the tools necessary to succeed for a lifetime.

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