The power of the ‘Frizzle Factor’

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Willetta Frizzle

Local company focuses on customer service training

Frizzle Training & Consulting — the brainchild of former Milwaukee resident Willetta Frizzle — has been on a mission to “spread positive energy now” by offering customer service training, team building and–personal transformation workshops.

Willetta’s zany yet captivating approach to training, dubbed the “Frizzle Factor,” has captured the attention of business owners in southeastern Wisconsin. The trainings are customized to suit the needs of each company for maximum impact and usefulness by using many non-traditional methods to engage her students.

Frizzle Training & Consulting was founded in 2012 after witnessing the poor treatment of customers and feeling a sense of responsibility to help educate and retrain frontline workers. The vision expanded from training frontline staff to empowering the workforce.

The customer service training not only boosts company morale and promotes unity among workers, it also imparts imperative skills that today’s customer expects and demands. Frizzle Training & Consulting also partners with nonprofit youth programs to offer soft skills training, empowerment circle, focusing on worthiness and the ability inside each and every young person.

Frizzle Training & Consulting is excited to become the go-to training firm for company’s staff development needs. For more information or to schedule training( s) at your location email Willetta at or call 262-358-0521.



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