The Secret Lives Of Teenagers Online

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by: Nicholas Carlson (

It isn’t the twentieth century anymore.


It turns out today’s teenagers hate talking on the phone. Only 4% of them consider talking on the phone their “favorite” way of talking to friends.

They prefer commenting publicly on each other’s Facebook profiles, or even better: texting.

Even email and instant messages are passé for this crowd.

Know what isn’t? 

Wiping the browser’s history so Mom and Dad won’t know which porn sites their teen just went to. Also: minimizing windows at the sounds of footsteps.

We learned all this working with Nielsen, Ericsson, McAfee, and Common Sense Media to put together a massive research report called: “The Secret Lives Of Teenagers Online.”

We care because today’s teenagers are tomorrow’s adults – so we better be prepared. 



Most teens don’t own an ipad – but DO own an iPod touch or similar gadget.

Even more own smartphones.

Teen mobil usage has EXPLODED over the past couple of years.

A great majority of teens own laptops & desktops. 

Teens are INCREDIBLY connected through phones and internet gadgets.

Teens love to talk to eachother: How?

Majority through texting.

teens text WAY more than other age groups.

The majority of teens check social media sites everyday.

What do teens do on Facebook?

They write public messages (wall posts) & look at profiles.

Believe it or not, using the phone to talk is very UNPOPULAR amongst teens.

Email is less – popular among teens than any other age group.

Very few teens use Twitter everyday.

Teen search online as much as every other age group

Teens DON’T read news online.

They DON’T buy stuff online.


Almost 1/3 of online teens post thier cell numbers online.

Also, 1/3 teens go to PORN sites.

Teens take serious measures to cover their tracks, so parents have no idea.

By the way, teens are doing a lot of these things in front of a TV.












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