The Story that Caught My (I) Black Men Doing It!

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100 Most Influential

Time Magazine has released their 2010 100 Most Influential People in the World and Will Allen, founder of the Growing Power farm and training center located on Milwaukee’s north side, was one of the featured individuals.

Time Magazine created their 100 Most Influential list in 1999, when they named their first most influential people of the 20th Century. It has since become an annual announcement.

The magazine started the annual list, not really for those who were just popular, rich, or powerful, but they are people who can be unpopular yet, the most motivational, innovative, inspirational people whose actions have brought about changed and impacted the world.

What greater person to receive such an honor than Will Allen, who right in my neighborhood, has folks coming to the hood from all over the world to learn how to live healthy. I love it!

Allen was selected in the category of hero along with 23 others which included former President Bill Clinton. He was recently invited to the White House by First Lady, Michelle Obama to address the nation on her launching of her “Let’s Move!” initiative to deal with childhood obesity in America.

He is a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, an organization of leaders and thinkers founded by Bill and Hillary Clinton to address global challenges, including hunger and malnutrition.

Time Magazine also recognized Allen for his strong activism for food security and food justice. He has brought tough attention to the nation’s existence on “food deserts” in cities across America, where whole communities lack access to fresh, nutritious and affordable foods. And he is now showing the world how to obtain those fresh, nutritious and affordable foods for their family right here in their neighborhoods by teaching them to grow their own foods.

In a press release, Allen commented, “We have seen the results of our reliance on the industrialized, commoditized food system we have built since the middle of the last century: A rapidly rising rate of obesity in generation after generation, leading to alarming rates of diabetes and heart disease, so that for the first time in America, despite all our advances in medicine, our life expectancy is falling,”

Hey, Mr. Allen, Congratulations! You are the “Man in the Mirror”. You see a job has to be done if we as humanity are to continue to survive. You took action and those actions are changing, impacting and mobilizing the world to take charge of their health. In your own way you are saving the world from its own destruction. Thank you for being that visionary and thank you for caring. Again, Congratulations!

Robert Pyles Purchases

11th McDonald’s Restaurant

Robert Pyles of the MacPyles Corporation strikes again.

He recently opened his 11th McDonalds Restaurant at 2455 W. Wisconsin Ave. His success has been unprecedented for an African American franchise owner in the Milwaukee area.

Mr. Pyles has a passion for developing people and impacting his community.  He has mentored and counseled hundreds of young people, employees and business leaders on the value of hard work, becoming self-sufficient and giving back to help others.

In an I-Witness series “In My Shoes,” I became a McDonald’s worker for a day as well as viewed the corporate side of the business and it truly changed my thoughts about McDonalds as not being one’s choice for a career path. I-Witness discovered that McDonald’s can be the first line to lifetime employment, not only for teens but for adults who need work experience.

Pyles began his career in the US Air Force where he served as security personnel for a nuclear transport unit.  He went on to serve as superintendent for a missile squadron and as a flight sergeant.  After serving several years in US and overseas assignments, while still in the military, he began to work for McDonald’s.  In the military he was affectionately known as Robert McDonald’s Pyles.

He now owns eleven restaurants and has formed MacPyles Corporation, totaling over 650 employees, which provides jobs for hundreds of teens and single parents.

Part of his success lies in his philosophy that, “There is a bigger picture at McDonald’s than what most people can see.  I never think of it as a job; instead I see it as a people business. McDonald’s is an exciting business with many tangible and intangible rewards. I never have a boring day. I love what I do and I continue to look at the big picture”.

Robert also provides spiritual guidance and leadership to several families through his volunteer efforts at his local church. He provides leadership training, financial seminars and mentoring for those who sincerely want to move to the next level.

As well as helping numerous community residents achieve home ownership and to complete home improvement projects. He partnered with McDonald’s corporate office on several new store initiatives.

Through this partnership, his businesses have enhanced several Milwaukee area neighborhoods. Robert surrounds himself with children and young people.

His MacPyles McDonald’s Corporation supports several educational institutions and non-profit organizations that provide services for Milwaukee area youth.  Of course, Pyles is one of I-Witness favorite guys. I call him, Mr. Magnificent!

Hey, Mr. Magnificent, you know I love the way you do the things you do. Keep advancing that next generation!

A DeMarco MorganUpdate…

Former WISN 12 News Anchor, DeMarco Morgan is doing it big.

He will become the 133rd commencement speaker for his alma mater at Jackson State University (JSU) in Jackson, Mississippi.

The 2010 graduating class is said to be the largest in Jackson State University’s history. Jackson State University is a Historically Black College/University which was founded in Jackson, Mississippi around 1877.  Morgan is so excited and very humble.

What makes this so special for both Morgan and Jackson State University is that Morgan is Jackson State University’s testimony of their greatness as a University and the hard work they put in their students to help them become successful.

Morgan was a bit less than average student in high school often had his dreams crushed. One of his teachers once told him college that wasn’t the right road for him and that he should probably give up on his dream of becoming a news anchor.

Carrying those thoughts to heart, Morgan applied to every college and university; he could, just to be rejected by all except for one, Jackson State University.

Not only did Jackson State embrace Morgan, who was determined to be somebody,, but  they surrounded him with a support system to help him find his success for the future. University teachers and officials told him if you work hard and do your part, we will handle the rest.

Being a small ‘C’ student, Morgan had to work hard and didn’t let himself down and learned to respect all that the Jackson State University team was putting into him.

Anyone who has met Morgan can see that he is somebody and he treats all from the streets to the suites with a common touch. He is making all his friends and family proud and he represents Jackson State University well.

DeMarco is one of the most sought after inspirational and motivation speakers and Master of Ceremony hosts in the nation.

Morgan, who understands when the Creator is blessing, humbly states with much excitement, “Nothing happens by chance! I’m so grateful and blessed.”

Hey, DeMarco all I-Witness can say is “WOW” We are so proud of you here in Milwaukee! You are so Presidential, Holla! Greatness comes from all our little bitty steps, as others reach back to us, giving us that hand up, which has us reaching back to others making big things happen in the world from all the small steps. Thank You! Jackson State University, keep on loving and advancing that next generation. Dance DeMarco Dance! I love it!

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