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A look at headline-making news

The Pope

The allegation of sexual abuse by priest in the Catholic Church is mounting and has reached the Vatican and Pope Benedict XVI directly.

The Vatican, as well as the Pope, were accused of covering up the crimes of priest who have sexually abused children for decades. Most of the survivors are now adults who still face many life struggles due to the abuse they suffered at the hands of many priests.

What’s truly sad about all this is the response from the defenders of the Vatican and Pope Benedict XVI. They are somehow trying to play victim as they attack the true victims of sexual abuse by reducing their charges to petty gossip. Can you believe it?

Here it is that thousands of children who were sexually abused over decades have been burden with a lifetime sentence of instability, loss of trust, worthlessness, having a feeling of inferiority to others, blaming themselves for the actions of the priest and feeling as if they have been punished and abandon by God.

These defenders call their abuse and subsequent life struggles petty gossip and tell folks they need to move on! How dare you!

When we allow any adults, priest included, to prey upon our children and then deny or cover up their actions, we should be charged as co-conspirators.

It is stated that Pope Benedict XVI had knowledge, as did many others in the Vatican, for decades that priest were raping children. (Let’s call it what it is.)

I truly feel for those children who are now adults. Some even went to their parents and they didn’t believe them. Can you imagine a child being assaulted and having nowhere to turn, not even to his parents. And the response from the Vatican is that this is all to smear Pope Benedict XVI and petty gossip.

While many of us pretty much assumed that the sexual abuse was basically here in America, well guess what, these predators (priest) were dispatched all over the world. Many were sent to countries where people could barely feed, much less defend, their children.

How do you defend the criminal actions of these priests but not defend children? It’s no wonder we have so many of our children who are borderline “Jeffrey Dahmers.”

Someone has to start taking care of the children not only in America, but the world, from these predators and criminals. The actions of these priests are crimes. When an adult forces their sexually will upon a child it’s called RAPE!

Monsignor Charles Scicluna, the prelate heading the department that handles allegations of sexual misconduct by members of the clergy, reportedly said his team in the Vatican’s Congregation of Faith and Morals handles about 300 cases of alleged sexual misconduct by members of the clergy. But only 10 percent of these are “pedophilia in the true sense of the term. That is based on sexual attraction towards prepubescent children.”

Scicluna said the number of cases, though regrettable, is small compared to the total number of Catholic priests worldwide — around 400,000.

His statement alone shows there is no value placed on children. We must not forget that many nuns have also abused children over the decades. Scicluna further calls the acts of sexual abuse by priest as “moments of human weakness.” Lets again be clear, they were criminal acts against children; a crime, so hideous, that not only did they rape the child, they raped their soul.
The Vatican denounced what it called aggressive attempts to drag Pope Benedict XVI into the spreading scandals of pedophile priests in his German homeland, and contended he has long confronted abuse cases with courage.

Lets’ talk about Pope Benedict XVI’s long record of confronting the abuse and his courage. He knew that at least one priest here in Wisconsin raped over 200 children, some even disabled, yet he did nothing. It was cited that the accused priest was dying so just let him die. My question: over the years and decades, how many deaths did the children he abused die?

I-Witness understands if the cover-ups were institutional as stated by the Rev. Fergus O’Donoghue, editor of the Irish Jesuit Journal Studies.  “The pope was no different to any other bishop at time. The church policy was to keep it all quiet — to help people, but to avoid scandal. Avoiding scandal was a huge issue for the church,” he said. “Of course, there was cover-up,” he added. But worse was “the systematic lack of concern for the victims.”

Just as there was no re-course for the abused children, many of those who wanted to do something about it, didn’t have the courage to buck the institutional club of raping children. How sad and they want to guide people on how to live their lives, again, how sad.

Many believe Arch Bishop Weakland has provided many of the details regarding the priests here in Wisconsin. While a day late and a dollar short, at least he did find the courage to stand up to one of the most powerful institutions in the world.

All over the world law enforcement must embark upon the dens of rapist and file charges against all accused priest and their co-conspirators. Let’s let them have their day in court where their crimes should have been aired in the first place.

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