The White House Butler

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Judge Louis Butler

It is unfortunate that no matter how educated a Black man is, no matter how much money he has or how accomplished and successful he becomes in life, there’s always some “non-Black” person(s) that’s going to come out and call him (in so many words) a “N—a” and tell him to stay in his place.

Recently, “The Wall Street Journal” ran an article titled, “The White House Butler.”

It was about Judge Louis Butler who has been nominated to fill a lifetime federal judgeship in the Western District. President Barack Obama has recommended Butler to serve on the federal bench.

However, “The Wall Street Journal” article implied Butler should be rejected by the U.S. Senate Judicial Committee because he lost his bid to become the first African American elected to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

Butler had been appointed to fill a vacancy on the state’s highest court by Governor Jim Doyle. The WSJ article implied the judge was a loser and too liberal.

The accusations that Butler was a “loser” and “too liberal” didn’t concern me, they were nothing more than political sniping by a conservative media outlet. What DID bother me, however, was the article’s title, inferring that Judge Butler was some kind of servant (the article made an obvious play on words with the judge’s last name).

As I do all things, I flipped it, turn it around, stepped on it because I truly do want to be objective in my views and opinions. But every which way I turned it, “The White House Butler” seemed to be an outright racist attack upon Judge Butler.

What a sad day. The newspaper’s explanation for the title? “It was simply a play on words.” How sad that they won’t even recognize that it was a racist, White supremacist intended put-down of the judge.

Simply put, the article’s title was meant to embarrass Butler, President Obama and all Black people–especially Black men–who aspire to greater things.

The play-on-words by the WSJ revealed something else in my opinion: “(Some) White people are cowards who fear the success of Black people in the world.

They’re afraid successful Black people–for that matter a successful Black race–will treat them the same way we Black people have been treated (make that mistreated) by a White controlled society.

So at every turn, they (SOME White folks) regulate us (all Black folks) as often as they can to being nothing, or, in the case of Judge Butler, nothing more than servants (again) in the White House.

“The Wall Street Journal” needs to apologize not only to Judge Louis Butler but to the thousands of Black People who have found a way to be successful in this country in spite of those who still want to treat us like three-fifths of a human being.

Well, “Wall Street Journal,” surprise, surprise, surprise, we are slaves no more. Never, never, never again!



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