Theater production tackles ‘The Church Diary’

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In support of World AIDS Day, King of Glory International Christian Center is presenting a new hit gospel stage play titled: “The Church Diary: Letting Go of Sacred Secrets and Private Wounds” to raise money to help fight HIV/AIDS.

This theatrical production boldly confronts heavily guarded taboos of the church: Divorce, Mind Control, Same Sex Relationships, HIV/AIDS, Financial Abuse, Suicide, Child Sexual Abuse, Pastor Worship, and more and will be held Saturday, Dec. 1 at Destiny Youth Plaza Auditorium, 7210 N. 76th at 7:00p.m.The Church Diary: Letting Go of Sacred Secrets and Private Wounds gospel stage play closely follows the lives of five members that belong to a spiritually abusive and corrupt mega church. 

What audience members will see is that on some levels the church house can be more dangerous than the drug house, cathouse or jail house. In these forbidden settings you know the type of people that you are dealing with when you walk through the door.  Whereas, in the church, you often find out people’s motivation after you have exposed your vulnerability to them and a lot of spiritual, emotional, financial and sexual abuse has been done.  “The Church Diary: Letting Go of Sacred Secrets and Private Wounds” will encourage audience members to do several things, 1) Dare to take off their masks and come humbly to the cross of Jesus; 2) Take a closer analysis of their spiritual environment; 3) Hold religious leaders to a higher standard of accountability; and 4) Heal from church abuse. Although this production has some comedic moments, nonetheless, it gives a serious picture of the condition of the 21st century church —which is no laughing matter.“I write about real things that people experience in the church. God desires a relationship with real people, not ideal people,” said Jermaine Reed, the play’s executive producer and co-writer.“The Church Diary’s mission is to invite faith-based communities to take an aggressive position in combating the spread of this disease in not only the African-American community, but all communities,” he added.











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