There is a lot to be thankful for this 2012 Thanksgiving

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As we reflect on another Thanksgiving Day, there is a lot to be thankful for.
We are thankful that President Barack Obama has been reelected President of the United States, so he can continue the course of resurrecting our nation when he assumed office four years ago amidst a sinking U.S. economy, wars in Irag and Afghanistan, and the shadow of terrorism.
We are thankful for the president’s Affordable Care Act, which gives access to health care for the poor, individuals with preexisting conditions, and cheaper prescription medicine for the elderly.
We are thankful for a democratic election system that withstood failed attacks by political extremist who, to spite the president (the first African American president in this nation’s history) and keep him from retaining his office, were willing to use laws, deceit, and intimidation to deny minorities the precious gift of the vote.
We are thankful to the many Americans who voted for President Obama and other political candidates for U.S. Congress, state governorships and other local offices who champion democracy and the true “American way” of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for ALL Americans regardless of race, nationality, religion, economic status, or sexual preference.
We are thankful that for an entire year, through the grace of God, many of us woke up each day with a sound body, mind and spirit ready and able to take on the challenges life brings us, overcoming them and becoming wiser with each obstacle met and pushed aside.
We are thankful for the lives spared by disaster, particularly several weeks ago when Hurricane Sandy dissimated the East Coast.
We are thankful to those who responded to the disaster with aid and comfort, showing our nation’s citizens at their best when their fellow countryman and woman are beset by nature’s worst.
Yes, we indeed have a great deal to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. The staff and management of your Milwaukee Community Journal pray that your Thanksgiving Day is peaceful and filled with the love and security of family and fellowship.





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