There is something special about your design

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In the course of an average day, we see seemingly endless car commercials. Each of the commercials tries to convince us that the car being advertised is the fastest, most beneficial, safest, most popular or the most affordable. The manufacturers go to great lengths to convince is that ‘this car’ is the car that will change us forever. They want to make us believe that the advertised car will make us look cool to our friends, responsible to our boss and sexually irresistible to members of the opposite sex. They spend countless hours and dollars to convince us that ‘this car’ is the game changer we have been waiting for.

Manufacturers have a design for every desire; two doors, four doors, two seats, seating for seven, from electricity sipping hybrids to premium guzzling luxury vehicles, consumers have a wide range of available choices. If what is on the showroom floor is still not enough to meet your needs there are a myriad of creative ways that cars can be customized. Stereos can be replaced, rims enhanced, interiors reupholstered and hydraulics enhanced until the design is exactly the way that you want it!

Did you know that God customized you? Do you realize that whether your parents planned your arrival or not you are not an accident or a mistake? God chose you. He built and wired us the way that would help us to be the creation that he designed us to be. We are unique and some of us have even been in the shop for some enhancements and customizing, but God, in His infinite wisdom has a plan for each of us according to our design. You can not drive an SUV like a sports car and you can not load up a sports car for a family trip. It does not mean that either car is a bad choice; it simply means that they have different functions. Many times we compare ourselves to other people when in fact our focus should be on optimizing how God wired us for His use. You are uniquely designed and have different functions and capabilities than others may have, that does not make you and more or less valuable. When was the last time you celebrated your design? When was the last time you looked under the spiritual hood of your life and realize that how God put your life together was not a series of well timed accidents? Are you using all of the gifts associated with your wiring? Do you empower others in your sphere of influence to make the most God honoring use of their gifts and abilities or do you expect yourself and others to conform blindly to society. One thing that car manufacturers do effectively, they never apologize for their product design. You and I have to come to the place were we don’t apologize for simply being who God created us to be. Your beauty, intelligence, sense of humor, wisdom and other abilities are not to be hidden or selectively displayed—you simply are who you are. When you and I do not operate in our fullness, we offend God and fail to help others to be free to be all that they are created to be. God loves and cares for you and wants you to know that there is something special about your design.


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